kike suayBorn in Valencia in 1976, he came into contact with photography when he was still a teenager. At first it was just a hobby and it was not until he was more than 18 years old when he decided to  develop his skills as a photographer. He did it by following an autodidactic method and by attending courses and seminars given by acclaimed photographers.

At the age of 24, he started a new stage as a professional photographer. Then he set up his own studio, specialized in commercial and publishing photography. After a while, he abandoned this  activity to begin living photography just as a way of expression and in her artistic dimension.

After 9 years of experiences and having developed several projects in different fields of photography, he showed his first exposition, focused in night photography of landscapes. At this stage,  he already used technique as a tool and landscapes as concepts, and both as a way of self-expression.


Awards and nominations

2011 –   Selected for the contest La tardor d´art Barcelona

2012 –   Selected Purificación García

2012 –   Nominated in The International Spider Awards

Categories of abstract photography, architecture and fineart

2012 –   Honour Mention in The International Spider Awards

Category abstract photography, title “Sea Wave”


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Recent exhibitions

2015 –   Davide Campi Gallery – Ibiza

2015 –   Kevin Sharkey Gallery – Ibiza

2013 –   Festimatge – Calella

               (Galería D´art L´arcada)

2012 –   Galería D´art L´Arcada (Collective) Blanes – Girona

2012 –   Galería D´art L´Arcada Blanes – Girona

 2011 –  Alejandro Bataller Gallery  – Valencia

2011 –   Espacio Atlántico International Art Fair – Vigo

(Alejandro Bataller Gallery)

2011 –   SWAB International Art Fair – Barcelona

(Alejandro Bataller Gallery)

2011 –   On – OFF (Collective) Barcelona – Arts Santa Mónica

(Galería D´art L´arcada)

2011 –   Galería D´art L´Arcada (Collective) Blanes – Girona

2010 –   Cala la Lluna y Altres Haykus (Collective) – Valencia

2010 –   Galería Alejandro Bataller – Valencia

2010 –   Sala Chico Ostra – Valencia